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There are so many people who have been contributing in priceless ways to help Sabine and us as well as those who have set up fundraising actions for Sabine. There is so much being done that sometimes we can’t keep up with all the different actions, so please let us know and we will add you to the list under the heading ‘Actions’.


Sol Wortelboer,  media

Johan Voois, Magnetizer Univitaal and website- maker

Carnen Snip, Body-Talk

Siwi Moresche, Translations and lots more

GerJo Blokker and Tineke, who care for Daya, Sabine’s dog.

Sergio Laplante and Bibi Wilkens , our saviours

Family and friends who are handing out flyers and cards

No Guts No Glory, Sabine is beneficiary

Jam de la Crème , event on the 16th of July 2016 , thanks to Janneke Nijhuis

Aloha Surfschool, event on the 21st of August, thanks to Daphne

Segbroek College, Student-board and group 3H4

NutsSchool de Boldingh

Students of the Johan de Witt School association

Ziggo, with thanks to Gadisha Snip

Dental Practionist in Breda, with thanks to Mireille Wouters-Laplante

Rotary Clubs around The Hague, with thanks to Loes de Cock

Actions of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, with thanks to grandpa en grandma Strobbe

Kaartenactie voor Sabine o.a. door Steffi de Pous van Because we Carry

Bosssepielen toernooi, verkoop cupcakes, TC Vogelvlucht

Shoeby, Hulst met dank aan Angélique


Wij dansen voor Sabine, 15 oktober, Amsterdam



1MGD & Good Brands Pop Up Store, 11 september 2016, Amsterdam

De Satay club 2016, 14 augustus 2016, Amsterdam

Jam de la Crème, 16 juli 2016, Zuiderstrand, Den Haag










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