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I want to get better!


But I need help and money from a lot of people. That is why my parents (Peter and Ilse) established a foundation: the Sabii Foundation. The foundation was established on the 23rd of June 2016 and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce with number 66295661.

The goal of the foundation is : “Fundraising for Sabine’s brain tumor therapy and all actions that can be helpful or are related to this”.



I do know however that my parents will have to pay $40.000 up front for the kick-off of my treatments. Thereafter the costs of the clinic alone will come to $20.000 a month. But we still have no idea how many months I will need. It could be anything between six and a maximum of 12 months. Take a look at the text below from the clinic:



Dear parents of Sabine


Dr Burzynski suggests that you may bring Sabine here right  after radiation,

and do not wait till the August MRI.

Tumor may be less active after radiation and our medicine (antineoplaston)

may work faster in such case.

Of course we will do MRI about 30 days after treatment start.

Expected cost:

$   1,250.00 consultation visit

$ 17,000.00 case management (covers medicine cost)

$  3,500.00 laboratory deposit

$  6,000.00 refurbished pump, or

$  8,000.00 new pump

$    600.00 MRI

Pump is a onetime expense.

MRI will be repeated every 30 days during initial 6 months.

Every next month basic expense will be $17,000.00.

Treatment may last up to 12 months.


The first 3 months Sabine needs additional medicine. The costs will in the US will be $ 40.000 a month. It is possible to buy this in The Netherlands or Germany and maybe the health insurance will pay for it. In Europe it probably will be $10.000 a month.



This situation got us thinking : since we don’t want to collect more money than we actually need, like having funds for 12 months when we will actually only be needing funds for six months. On the other hand, we don’t want to run out of money either because then we would have to stop the treatment, so my mother’s family came up with the idea to establish a monthly fundraising campaign for as long as need be. Naturally it is fine for everyone to give whatever they can, but along with that we rely on a group of people who become friends of the foundation and make sure that there is always sufficient funding available each month.

Our own medical aid insurance will most likely not contribute anything at all since no Hospital in the Netherlands is prepared to give us a letter of referral.

It is a  simple calculation  to know that we will be needing $300.000,00 including the flights to and from Houston as well as the accommodation.

This is what my father said to me : “ If 300 people, friends of the foundation, will all donate Euro 100 a month for one year, or 600 people will donate Euro 50, then we are saved “.

Please will you become a friend too ? Then I might stand a chance .

If you want to become a friend and donate a fixed amount –never mind how much –for one  month, could you please let us know by e-mail :  ?

Then we will be able to put your name on the list of friends on the website.

Of course one-off donations and actions  are more than welcome. I will let you know immediately if we have collected enough money since we do not want to get rich this way.

This is about my health, my chances for life -in which I still have so much planned.

Will you help too, please ?

The account number of the Foundation Sabii is NL49 ABNA 0470699841 or

Accountnumber NL56 TRIO 0198464134 i.n.o. Stichting Sabii.



I would like everybody to donate what you can miss yourself. Thank you very much! Sabine






Stichting Sabii

k.v.k. nr. 66295661



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