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My next move will be to go to Dr. Burzynski  in Houston, Texas. I really trust this man to cure me!

My medical file has already been sent to Dr. Burzynski. Luckily my doctors in Rotterdam agree with this treatment. Dr. Burzynski has already responded to our e-mails and he thinks his  treatment with antineoplastones will be  the  best choice for me at this point since regular chemotherapy has not proven to be effective in past cases.

 What' s more ….There is no waiting list!

However , Dr Burzynski’s clinic is private and expensive.

We will need an estimated amount of $300.000 for the complete treatment. Dr. Burzynski has already confirmed that I can start with the treatment immediately- luckily there is no waiting list! On the 18th of July at 10.00 am I will have my first consultation in Houston and we will stay there for one month. The complete treatment can last up to 12 months.

After the first month I will fly to the states each month for check-up’s and adjustments of my medication



If you want to know more about Dr Burzynski:


The website of the clinic: www.burzynskiclinic.com


A documentary about  Dr.Burzynski is Curing Brain Stem Glioma an inoperable brain tumor and other cancers:: www.youtube.com


Results of his treatments (in Dutch):  www.kanker-actueel.nl


Information dr Burzynski: www.burzynskipatientgroup.org









My next move

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